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Aitur Group Ltd delivers Microsoft (MS) Project / Gantt Chart; Root Cause Analysis, Revit MEP, Computer Aided Design (CAD) or AutoCAD drafting software and design training programs, courses, workshops, classes and tutoring services

These trainings are not online classes or webinars. We provide local and worldwide, face-to-face, on-site a instructor/tutor led corporate training programs, professional upgrading and career development seminars and workshop services. Every course has well defined goals and learning objectives, lessons content, case studies and practical exercises. Our goal is to understand and meet client’s needs and requirements. We have delivered various training programs and workshops in Canada and internationally. All instructors have a degree and excellent knowledge in related disciplines, first-hand practical experience in the working field, including providing face-to-face teaching, seminars and workshops.

            1. Project Management 

            2. Microsoft Project Planning, Gantt Chart Scheduling, Tracking, Reporting Training Course, Tutoring.

Microsoft Project Standard /Professional or simply MS Project is the project management software package. The essential or basic and advanced computer planning tool is for creating and linking project tasks, duration, Gantt Chart scheduling, estimating resources and material cost. Any Project Manager uses the Microsoft Project 2010 or the latest 2013 version, mmp files or format not only for project planning, but also for tracking project baseline, tasks, duration, schedule, time management, critical path, resources, cost and reporting and communicating.
Aitur Group Ltd -MS Project Training Course includes the 3 levels.


            3. Root Cause Analysis, Failure /Problem Solving, Fishbone Diagram, “5 Whys” Training Course.

What is Root Cause Analysis or RCA?

Briefly, Root Cause Analysis is a method to define /understand WHAT, HOW and WHY something occurred. Something could be a problem, failure or vice versa an opportunity.  This professional development training is about how to identify the root causes of faults or problems, find the cost effective solution(s), and take preventive actions to avoid or mitigate the problem recurrence. It is not a single method; there are many various tools, processes and ideas for completing RCA.

Aitur Group provides the following 2 courses:

  • Root Couse Analysis, Basics, or Fishbone /Ishikawa Diagram
  • Advanced Root Cause Analysis or System/Complex Problem Solving
The training program contains two: theoretical and practical workshop parts. During the class, workshop participants will complete case studies, class exercises, team working/discussions and presentations.


            4. AUTODESK REVIT MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Piping/Plumbing) Training Course, Tutoring .

AUTODESK REVIT MEP training covers the mechanical, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire protection simple components of the software.

What is the Revit MEP?

The engineering software is the design and construction documentation solution for mechanical, electrical and plumbing consulting companies. Collaborate with architects using Revit Arch software in design processes. Minimize coordination errors with architects/structural engineers using the Revit & building information modeling (BIM) workflows.

Training Goal: The goal of this Revit MEP, basics course is to give participants an understanding how to use the computer program to build /modify simple mechanical, electrical and piping based systems components. Explore 2 D/ 3D tools for generating and editing and annotating RMEP projects. Using the data importing and exporting tools between AutoCAD and Revit. We teach students how to setup, plot and print design or construction documentations.
5. AutoCAD Drafting Course, CAD Software Training Program, Tutoring Class/ Lessons. 

The AutoCAD drafting tutoring covers Basics and Essential of the Computer Aid Designing, autocad or CAD drafting software.

Training Goal: The purpose of this AutoCAD course is to give participants an understanding of how to use drafting templates, layers and viewports.  We will teach how to create and edit blocks, 2 dimension drawings. The program is also about printing concepts, layouts, plotting commands, drawing annotating &editing, text, hatching and dimension tools.

6. Infrared Scan Consulting/Thermal Imaging Survey Training Course, Tutoring  

This Aitur Group Ltd - Infrared Scan Consulting, Thermal imaging Training course is open for operations and maintenance staffs, supervisors, field and Non Destructive Testing Technicians and new and practicing thermographers.  During the class you will learn how to use thermal imaging or infrared cameras; basic camera set up and operation; menu description & navigation, tips how to create a good IR image. Also, you will get knowledge about the key elements of thermal measurement such as the Emissivity, Focus, Distance, Range, Measuring Humidity, Air temperature and Wind speed.

7. Workplace Safety Training Program, Workshops, Seminars, Courses


MS Ptoject Viewing and Reporting .jpg

MS Project Viewing and Reporting

 Problem Solving  ,RCA Training.JPG

Problem Solving ,RCA Training

RCA Training, Cause Recording Exercise.JPG

RCA Training, Cause Recording Exercise

Cause Analysis,Team Disccussian.jpg

Cause Analysis,Team Disccussian

Advanced MS Project Scheduling Training.jpg

Advanced MS Project Scheduling Training

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