Root Cause Analysis, Fishbone Diagram, Problem Solving Training Course

What is Root Cause Analysis or RCA Consulting? The RCA investigates WHAT is the problem, HOW and WHY project or equipment failure.

So, the Root Cause Analysis definition is a method to define /understand WHAT, HOW and WHY something occurred. Something could be a problem, failure or vice versa an opportunity. This training course is about how to identify the root causes of faults or problems, find the cost effective solution(s), and take preventive actions to avoid or mitigate the problem recurrence. It is not a single method; there are many various tools, processes and ideas for completing RCA.

Our corporate training and private tutorial services are available in Canada, including the Metro Vancouver, BC; Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta; Whitehorse, Yukon Territory; Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga Ontario and more. In the Beautiful British Columbia, we serve the Metro Vancouver, including Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley, Abbotsford, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Delta and more.

Aitur Group Ltd Training Goal: The goal of this Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training, tutoring , class, workshop or course is to give participants an understanding how to use this method to identify the root cause(s) of failure or problem. Our instructor or tutor will teach students how to ask right “5 Whys” questions, use the Fishbone or Ishikawa Cause and Effect Diagram, Cause Recording Method, Cause Flow Charting Tool or other methods to investigate any work /safety incident or analyse the problem, and find cost effective solution(s) to prevent the problem recurrence.

Aitur Group consulting courses contain two: theoretical and practical workshop parts. During the training workshops participants will complete case studies, class exercises, team working, discussions and presentations. After training you will have an understanding how to complete the following the RCA main 3 Steps:

  1. Define what happened or what is the problem?
  2. Define why it happened or why did the problem/failure happen? Provide cause evidence
  3. Figure out what to do to avoid or mitigate the problem/failure recurrence.

The RCA application is broad, and it can be applied to any situation. Some samples are:

  • Machine/ Equipment failures.
  • Man Power/People issues.
  • Production losses.
  • Safety incidents.
  • Work process deficiencies.
  • Customers’ complaints and returns.
  • Shipment delayed.
  • Project failure.

As mentioned the Root Couse Analysis Training Program includes the 2 levels:


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Basic RCA Training, Team Presentation, Maintenance Staff.jpg

Basic RCA Training, Team Presentation, Maintenance Staff

Advanced Root Cause Analysis, Problem Solving.jpg

Advanced Root Cause Analysis, Problem Solving

Advanced Root Cause Analysis Training

Level 1, Root Cause Analysis Workshop

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