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Aitur Group ltd provides Level 1& 2 certified Building, Residential, Commercial and Industrial electrical equipment, systems IR infrared scanning, distribution switchboard/ panel hot spots survey consulting, disconnects thermography inspection, load centre, breaker thermal imaging, box and motor control centre testing services in Metro Vancouver, BC.  We serve North, West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Delta, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Langley, Tri- Cities and more. According Preventive/Predictive Maintenance services standards the infrared survey should be conducted on annual or semi-annual base to prevent equipment failure.

Heat is a vital problem in electrical installations. High temperature/heat generated by electrical current passing through a resistive component. More resistance generate more heat. Over time the electrical contacts resistance will rise, caused by loosening and oxidization. The heat/high temperature is the cause of equipment fail, unexpected outages or even fire for example.

The following samples of failures can be identified with infrared scanning:

  • Corrosion of switches.
  • Overheated connections
  • Incorrectly secured/loosened contacts
  • Insulator problem/defects
These and other hidden electrical issues/problems can be detected by our specialists at an early stage before the equipment fails.

We are a Flir Level 1&2 certified company, and we use a new high sensitive and calibrated thermal camera (designed for electrical systems, temperature measurement up to 650C) and other tools to measure the panel, phase, circuit breaker electrical load (amps), voltage and other parameters. Our staff has a degree in Electrical Engineering, extended power transmission/distribution and maintenance, as well project management experience.

Our infrared survey team contains:

  • Level 1&2 Certified Infrared Thermographer, BS in Electrical Engineering, 15 years of experience in power distribution, building and electrical systems operations and maintenance fields.
  • Certified Electrician, 18 years of experience in electrical construction, renovation and maintenance /service areas.

Our affordable on-site services include:

  • Open/close equipment covers by a certified electrician without interrupting services
  • Visual inspection of all electrical panels and equipment.
  • Taking digital, infrared image, pictures and analyzing.
  • On site electrical load measurement.
  • Analysing the phase load balance for every panel or equipment.
  • Report writing and recommendation. See a report sample at the end of the page
  • Fixing problems by the certified electricians if it is required.

Client’s Benefits - Infrared/Thermal Imaging Hiding Problem Survey.

  • Non-contact, quick scan problem identification visualizes & analyze without interrupting service.
  • Reduced unnecessary preventive maintenance and troubleshooting time.
  • Evaluated & prioritized corrective actions, improved preventive & predictive maintenance.
  • Reduced equipment downtime; reduced cost of maintenance repairs or replacement. 
  • Improved the safety of staffs and business properties.
  • Also, it is an excellent tool for investors for the price negotiating, protecting their investment and avoiding extra expenses & problems in future.

The pictures below demonstrate common hidden deficiencies in different application areas

Aitur Group ltd on site taken digital & IR images.

trans.jpg trans infra.jpg

Single phase transformers digital and infrared images taken by using a telescope lens.                                                                       
Extra heat on the center distribution transformer was attributed to low oil level.


Electrical Circuit Breaker Panel, 120/208V, 400A

Incoming lugs: 120/208V 400 A; Actual phase load Amps: A=42; B=61; C=42

Circuit Breakers: 3Phase CB # 38-40-42; Nominal rate: 100A.
Actuals: A= 44A; Load %= 44; B =46A; Load %= 46; C= 40A;               
Load %= 40 Spot1. Phase B, Temp =32.1, Spot 2=27.5; Tem. Rise ∆T= 4.6 °C.
Fault Suggestion: Fault Rating: 0: Normal.

Recommendation: No action.

20 amps circuit breakers panel


Fault Suggestion:

  • Incoming lugs phases loads somewhat unbalanced at A=48A; B=20A; C=17A; 
  • CB # 37, Load %=85 overloaded. Tem. rise ΔT= 11 °C. Fault Rate: 2; Medium grade.
  • CB # 39, Load = 10A; Load %= 50. Tem. rise ΔT= 5.8 °C. Fault Rate: 1; Low grade.


  • CB# 37, Fault Rate: 2; Medium Grade. Repair at scheduled shut down.
  • CB# 39 Fault Rate: 1; Low grade –to be monitored


Aitur Group business key is providing customers with "the right information at the right time" to save their time, money and help them to keep their business and property in safety and operating condition.

For example, the cost of a four-hour infrared scan, from consultation to final report, is around $1000-1100 while the cost of the small size equipment such as the type TJK, 600 Amps, 3poles, 600 V breaker is $2595.00. Another sample, the cost of the single phase, 7.5 HP,   1800 rpm,   230V electrical motor is around $1,900.00. In addition, there are extra labor cost for replacing the breaker and motor.

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 Arcing Power Line                                                               Transformer Failure

See the Electrical Equipment Infrared Survey Report Samples below.


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