Advanced Microsoft Project Planning, Tracking, Reporting Tutorial, Training Services

II. Advanced Microsoft Project Planning, Tracking, Reporting Training is about how to view/track critical path, customise planned/actual duration, material, work resources and cost variances.

Our corporate and private Project Management and MS Project training services are available  in the Metro Vancouver, BC, including Vancouver,  Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley, Abbotsford, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Delta and more.

The advanced Microsoft Project Planning, Tracking, Reporting Training course main learning objectives are: fine –tuning task details, Gantt chart lead and lag time task dependencies and constraints; resource calendar, multiple and different pay rates over time; tuning assignment details; delaying the start time of assignments; assigning different cost rates and material resources to tasks; oveallocated recourse; baseline, current, actual and remaining costs; filtering project details; AutoFilters, custom views and tables; recording planned, actual work and variance, rescheduling incomplete work; viewing, tracking ,get a project back on track and reporting.

In addition to existing book exercises,  Aitur Group Ltd has designed its own practical exercises for every single learning course/session. It includes: 

  • What to Do Text, Exercise descriptions.
  • How to Do Text, Step by Step tasks accomplishment instructions.
  • Microsoft Project / mmp format training files.

MS Project 2010 Advanced Scheduling Training Course Content:

  • Session 1. Adjusting Task Details.
  • Session 2. Tuning Recourse Details; Tuning Assignment Details.
  • Session 3. Tuning the Project Plan; Organizing Project Details.
  • Session 4. Progress on Tasks and Assignments.
  • Session 5. Viewing and Reporting Project Status; Getting Project Back on Track; Training Summary; Instructor evaluation.

For example, during the Session 1, Fine –Tuning Task Details students will learn how to:

  • Modify task relationship links; apply type of constraints to a task.
  • Split a task to record a break or interruption in work.
  • Generate a task calendar; Change a task type, deadline for tasks.
  • Apply a fixed cost for a task. Set up a repeated task.
  • View and analyse the project’s critical path.
  • Enter a specific duration value for a summary task.
  • Inactivate tasks in the project plan without having effect on work schedule.   


See the Advanced Microsoft Project Training Course, Tutorial Class content in details below the pictures


Aitur Group, Microsoft Project, Advanced Scheduling Training._0.jpg

Aitur Group Ltd, Microsoft Project, Advanced Scheduling Training.

Aitur Group , Microsoft Project training, Task Details Exercise_0.jpg

Aitur Group Ltd , Microsoft Project training, Task Details Exercise

AiturGroup, MS Project 2010 Training,  Fine -Tuning Project Plan_0.jpg

AiturGroup Ltd, MS Project 2010 Training,  Fine -Tuning Project Plan

AiturGroup, MS Project Training-Asssignment Details Exercise_0.jpg

AiturGroup Ltd, Microsoft Project Training- Asssignment Details Exercise

 Progress on Tasks and Assignments

Tuning the Project Plan

Aitur Group, MS Project Advanced Training Completed_0.jpg

Aitur Group Ltd, MS Project Advanced Training Course is completed

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