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Ferrero is a Leading global chocolate and confectionary manufacturer. In 1974 Ferrero started its business in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Over the years the brands such as NUTELLA®, FERRERO ROCHER®, FERRERO COLLECTION, RAFFAELLO, TIC TAC®, KINDER®, KINDER BUENO and KINDER® CHOCOLATE were introduced to the Canadian consumers.

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Aitur Group Ltd has successfully completed Autodesk AutoCAD design and drafting corporate training course for the Ferrero Canada Ltd.  The Computer Aid Design or simply CAD, autocad, acad training class has been provided for the company Maintenance, Packing and other Engineering departments’ management teams and employees.

Training content:

  • Session1.  3 Hours. Generating simple drawings, simple drawing and editing commands.
  • Session2. 3 Hours. Generating accurate drawings& copying, moving, scaling, editing objects.
  • Session3. 3 Hours. Drawing Layers, Object’s layer, Polylines, Arcs, Measuring distance and area.
  • Session4. 4-5 Hours. Generating composite objects, editing/duplicating tools& inserting blocks.
  • Session5. 4-5 Hours. Printing concepts, layouts, plot commands, drawing annotating &editing, text, hatching, dimension tools.

Total: +/- 18 hours.

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