Infrared Thermal Imaging Survey “One Stop Shop” solution services

One Stop Shop solution for Commercial Industrial Electrical/Mechanical equipment Infrared inspection services. 

AiturGroup “One Stop Shop” package includes the full service circle:

  • Project Coordination-Defining customer’s needs.
  • Residential,Commercial and Industrial Electrical and Mechanical systems & equipment Infrared Scanning,Thermal Imaging inspection,survey/testing services
  • Finding the hiding house,home/building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing and other problems.
  • Analysing problem,  recommendations, solving problems
  • Energy saving projects, fluorescent lighting fixtures, lamps and ballasts retrofit.
  • Trade contractors’ services and fixing problems.
  • Commissioning Infrared Inspection after fixing problems.
  • Reporting to customers
We provide a free quotation. See our free report sample below.

 Aitur Group Electrical Infrared Scanning-Thermal Imaging Survey Report Sample.PDF

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