Infrared Scanning, Thermal Imaging Survey Training Course

The Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Training Class is about basic camera set up, operation, create good IR image customized report by using a Flir report software.

This Aitur Group Ltd -training course is open for operations and maintenance staffs, supervisors, field and Non Destructive Testing technicians,new and practicing thermographers.  During the class you will learn how to use thermal imaging or infrared cameras; basic camera set up and operation; menu description & navigation, tips how to create a good IR image. Also, you will get knowledge about the key elements of thermal measurement such as the Emissivity, Focus, Distance, Range, Measuring Humidity, Air temperature and Wind speed.

The second part of the workshop is about the IR inspection or survey report writing. The learning objectives are: reporter software versions, IR image analysis, Delta tool, spot meters, areas tools, temperature rise calculation and generating inspection reports

Generally, IR scanning or thermography is powerful tool for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of electrical, mechanical and building installations and components. A thermal imaging camera can identify problems early, allowing them to be documented and corrected before becoming more serious and more costly to repair. 

Infrared Scan Training Course Content:

Part1. Thermal Imaging Survey Learning Objectives:

  • Infrared Scanning, Thermal Imaging Survey Applications.
  • Thermal Science Basics; Understanding Heat Transference.
  • IR main key elements: Emittance, Transmittance; Reflectance: Specular & Diffuse.
  • Thermal Measurement; Emissivity, Focus, Distance.
  • Range, Measuring Humidity, Air temperature, Wind speed.
  • Infrared Electrical, Mechanical and Building Applications; Thermography Safety rules.
  • Standard for Infrared Inspection of Electrical Systems & Rotating Equipment.
  • Flir Systems cameras, Basic Camera Setup and Operation; User interface.
  • Camera menu description & navigation, tips how to create a good IR image.


Part 2. Infrared Report Writing Learning Objectives:

  • FLIR Reporter software versions, IR image analysis, generating inspection reports
  • Flir Report Wizards to add IR images, photos, text comments to a new report.
  • 'Drag and Drop' method, producing a quick report.
  • Fine-tuning IR image properties: level, span, color palette and parameters.
  • IR image analysis, understanding Spot Meters, Areas tools
  • Delta tool, temperature rise calculation.
  • Using Image Fusion to combine a digital photo and an IR image.
  • Customizing a template to change text, company logo, temperature, image parameters.


See some slides from training materials.




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