Advanced Root Cause Analysis, System Problems Solving Training Course

The Advanced Root Cause Analysis training is about how to define system problems, investigate problems causes and negative/positive impacts, and find cost-effective, risk free problems solutions.

The class learning objective is about the investigation planning, cost-effective and risk free problem solving principles. The company instructor teaching goal is to give students a clear understanding of how to identify system/complex problems, negative/positive impacts and cause and effect relationship. Also, students will learn and exercise how to use Microsoft Excel to create a Cause and Effect Diagram. The Cause Flow Charting Method is a perfect tool to define, analyse/ investigate problem causes and solve complex/system problems.  

The training course content:

  • System analysis, understanding subsystem and components
  • Work Process, cause & effect and their relationship.
  • System /Complex Problems
  • Identifying problems, their negative /positive impacts.
  • Investigation planning, understanding the investigation components.
  • Defining system/complex problems causes, providing causes evidence.
  • The problem cause & effect relationship.  
  • How to use Microsoft Excel to create a Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Cost-Effective Problem Solving values.
  • Case studies and class practical exercises.

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See Advanced Root Cause Analysis training pictures below:

AiturGroup,Advanced Root Cause Analysis, Cause -Effect Flow Charting 

Aitur Group Ltd, Advanced Root Cause Analysis, Cause Recording

 Aitur Group Ltd, Root Cause Analysis, Problem Investigation

 Aitur Group Ltd, Root Cause Analysis , 5-Why Questions

 Aitur Group Ltd, Advanced RCA Training, Problem Solution Discussion

  AiturGroup, Problem Root Cause Recording

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