Home, Building, Radiant Heating Infrared Thermal Imaging Survey Services

Aitur Group Ltd provides certified Home, Building and Radiant Heating Infrared Thermal Imaging Survey Services. We do testing, inspecting, detecting the home, building radiant floor heating hot pipes and tubes in floor; finding water leakages, missing or damaged insulation in properties;  finding the heat and cooling losses in refrigerating and chilling systems and as well as we can locate water leakages in floor or other systems. Our services are available in North, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Surrey, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley and Tri- Cities.

Our certified home inspectors and Infrared surveyors do the following services:

  • Home or building pre-purchase buyer/seller inspections.
  • New home for sale/building warranty inspections.
  • Home, building /property pre/post renovation inspections.
  • Radiant heating system inspections, tesing, inspecting, detecting, finding or locating the radiant heating pipes or hot tubes in floor and to detect a leak in radiant floor heating system, faulty electric heating elements and water leakages.
  • Preventive /predictive maintenance inspections
Aitur Group Infrared, Thermal Imaging Inspection Division provides instant, non-contact identification of heat, cooling losses, moisture, water leakage, missing or damaged insulation in properties. We can detect home and building deficiencies what you can’t see when doing a visual inspection on a property. Do you want to buy a home, apartment, house or commercial building?


Never buy a property in BC until……you know what’s hiding behind the walls!

Most home buyers buy a property and either ‘buy it on the price’, or they choose the place ‘emotionally’. Buying a property on the numbers is a normal decision… but not checking if the home has serious deficiencies behind walls is not very good idea at all. Our experience shows that many home owners after purchasing properties find problem after problem and … 99% of the time the expensive problems occur in places you can’t see with the naked eye! 

Even a brand new house/building does not guarantee that it will be damage or leakage free. 

It is not a secret that some trades people like to cut corners… and they ‘think’ we can’t see what they do behind the walls. But we do... If we find any leaks or excess moisture behind the wall and confirm it with the moisture meter - you, seller and realtor will know exactly what the problem is through the eyes of the camera…“live”. 

See the interesting pictures below that could literally save you thousands of dollars off your next home purchase

Picture 1.  Aitur Group field inspection.

heat loss pic1.jpg

The dark blue color areas on the IR image are insulation deficiencies in on the entering hall. The deficiency is due to missing insulation batts and improperly installed insulations batts (air pockets). Therefore, the wall has temperature differences. For example, the temperature difference between the spots 1 and 6 in the area 3 is 4.4 ºC or 39.92 ºF.

Picture 2. Aitur Group field inspection.

heat loss pic3.jpg
The dark blue color area on the IR image is air infiltration between the bottom of the wall and floor. Viewed from inside.

Picture 3. Aitur Group  field inspection picture.

heat loss pic4.jpg

The dark blue color area on the IR image is moisture on the ceiling. Viewed from inside.

Picture 4. Aitur Group field inspection picture.

house Radiant heating system.jpg

Findings: A house Radiant heating system digital and thermal image pictures show that temperature in area # 1(bright yellow) and area # 2 (red yellow) are different.

These deficiencies are what you don’t see when doing a visual inspection on a property.

Customer Benefits - Infrared Hiding Deficiency Detection:

  • Reduces energy usage and saves the home owner money.
  • Helps house buyers to protect their investment, avoid extra expenses& problems in future.
  • Helps house owners to check for any defective while house is still under warranty.
  • Non-contact testing (we do not do holes, or cut into your wall to see what is behind them).
  • Quick testing/ scan, visualize and analyze and quick problem identification.
  • Pinpoint areas of missing insulation for fast rectification.
  • All moisture detected is double checked and confirmed with moisture meter.
  • Detect leaky homes.
  • Preventive & predictive maintenance.
  • Excellent tool for pre-purchase inspections and price negotiation.
  • Includes written report with pictures for clarity.


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What’s the difference between a building inspection and a thermal imaging inspection?

 A building inspector and a certified thermal imaging inspector are two important parts of house/building inspection. The difference between those is that a certified Infrared inspector with an infrared camera can detect hidden deficiencies behind the walls, floor and ceiling. For example, the house shown on the pictures 1-4 above has been inspected by house inspecting company and a building inspector was not able to visually see hidden deficiencies behind the walls.  By using a thermal imaging camera, we can identify such problems instantly.

What is The Best Time to Do an Infrared Building Inspection on Your Home?

It depends on many factors like season, current whether condition and etc.  Actually, early in the morning or late in the afternoon (especially in summer) is the best time to do Infrared imaging inspection on your home. In other words, the ideal condition is when the temperature difference is not less than 10 C (50F) degrees between inside and outside. However, practically, Aitur Group uses a highly sensitive camera that can work at all hours of the day.

For example: An infrared camera of average sensitivity makes it very difficult to work in the middle part of the day, and you simply just won’t see a void in the wall, leaks, stud or missing insulation. So if the camera is sub-standard, or operator is not properly trained and certified, it is impossible to know what he/she is NOT SEEING, when they are using a camera of average sensitivity. Aitur Group infrared cameras are highly accurate and re-calibrated at least once a year to ensure accuracy.

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