Slurry gravel, submersible, froth, FGD pumps and parts for sale

Aitur Group Ltd is the official agent and distributor of the ShiZun Pump Industry slurry pump products, equipment and parts in Canada, Russia and other CIS states.

The ShiZun Pump Industry is a manufacturer of slurry pump products in China focusing on the high quality pumps and pump equipment parts. These pumps are designed for the harshest abrasive and corrosive pumping environments. They can be made of high chrome, a wide of variety of elastomer or the latest ceramic materials for longer service and higher efficiencies. Also, these pumps are similar to Warman pumps, and equipment parts are interchangeable.

We offer the following cantilever, vertical, horizontal and centrifugal pump products:

  1. Slurry pumps.
  2. Gravel pumps.
  3. Submersible slurry pumps.
  4. Froth pumps.
  5. FGD pumps

Slurry pump similar to Warman pumps:

  1. The MSH type is similar to Warman AH series
  2. The MSG type is similar to Warman G series.
  3. The MSV type is similar to Warman SP series.                                                                                                                                                     

Vertical Slurry pumps.

Slurry Pump Types:

TL(R) series Desulfurization          SVF series Froth                     MSG / MSGH Gravel               WN(X) Dredge                                                                                                    

Slurry pumps application areas:

Oil& gas, metallurgical, coking &cast steel industries , mining, coal mining, underground inflammable& explosive application conditions, chemical industry , construction & building material, power plants, ports & etc.

We serve the British Columbia; Ontario, Alberta; Fort McMurray area; Yukon Territories, Canada and more…

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