Multi-ply, woven, steel cord conveyor, elevator and pipe belts for sale

Aitur Group Ltd is an official agent and distributor of the CGR brand Conveyor Belt Products in Canada, Russia and other CIS countries.

 Conveyor Belt Products List (see the products E- brochure below):

  1. Steel Cord Conveyor Belt.
  2. Tear Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt.
  3. Flame Resistant and Anti-static Steel Cord Conveyor Belt.
  4. Multi-Ply Fabric Conveyor Belt.
  5. Solid Woven Flame Resistant and Anti-static Conveyor Belt.
  6. Special Conveyor Belt.
  7. Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt.
  8. Endless Conveyor Belt.
  9. Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt.
  10. Chevron Conveyor Belt.
  11. Elevator Conveyor Belt.
  12. Pipe Conveyor Belt.


Application Areas:

Metallurgical, coking &cast steel industries , mining, coal mining, underground inflammable& explosive application conditions, chemical industry , construction & building material, power plants, ports & etc.

See the Aitur Group Ltd Conveyor Belt Products E-catalog below.

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