Career Development Training Seminar, Workshop for New Immigrants, BC, Canada.

Recently, Aitur Group Ltd has completed an Industry Connections Day- career development training workshop for new skilled immigrants at the Douglas College, Surrey, BC Training Centre.

As a guest speaker Mr. Rick Turdubay , Managing Director at Aitur Group Ltd has shared his personal immigration experience with new immigrants  and job seekers  to encourage the seminar participants to be optimistic, persistent and successful in Canada. During the skill development workshop the following main topics have been covered:

  • The first year in Canada.
  • Continuing education and upgrading professional skills.
  • Starting a small business in Canada.
  • Q& A.

The first year in Canada always is difficult for new comers.  There are many factors such as the lack of English and understanding new society culture; roadblocks as the required Canadian work experience and the fact that Canada does not recognise foreign degrees.

Mr. Rick Turdubay has focused on the importance of upgrading professional skills. The main idea that only key to succeed in Canada is the continuing education and upgrading professional skills has been explained by the speaker. Then, the third topic -starting a small business in Canada has been covered and discussed.  

At the end of the seminar the speaker has informed the participants about the company main business services that include:

  • Commercial & Industrial Electrical &Mechanical Systems and Equipment Preventive Maintenance Testing, Infrared Thermal Imaging Survey Inspection services.
  • Microsoft Project / Gant Chart; Root Cause Analysis, Revit MEP, AutoCAD Drafting and other training programs, courses, workshops, classes and tutoring services


The Douglas College –Surrey, BC Training Centre workshop participants believe that training courses and workshops like this really help them to be more optimistic, persistent and successful in Canada.

Aitur Group Ltd is always open to help new landed immigrants to succeed in Canada.

See the company presentation pictures below:

Aitur Group Ltd, Career Development Training Seminar

Career Development Training Seminar

Aitur Group Ltd, Starting small business discussion

Starting small business discussion

Aitur Group Ltd, Questions & answers time

Questions & answers time