Aitur Group ltd, International SCADA project consultant in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Mr. Ryskeldy (Rick) Turdubay, Aitur Group Ltd, Canada has been selected by the National Electrical Grid of Kyrgyzstan as an International SCADA and Communications consultant for the  “Power Sector Improvement “project in the Kyrgyz Republic. On the behalf of the company, Mr. Ryskeldy (Rick) Turdubay consults the project PIU as an International Consultant.  

The client and the project implementation agency is the JSC “NEGK” (Joint Stock Company “National Electrical Grid of Kyrgyzstan), The general contractor is the AKAI Electric, Turkey, subcontractors: SCADA and Telecommunication systems - Siemens, Wideowall system- Mitsubishi, Testing Equipment and High voltage mobile labaratory- CNME International Co., Ltd., China and the metering system supplier- Elster Metronica, Kazakhstan. The financing institution is the ADB (Asian Development Bank). The project location is Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, and it is one of the largest SCADA projects in the Central Asia.

The project estimated schedule: 2015-2018.

The goal of the project is to advance transparency, accountability of commercial transactions in the power sector through the establishment of the SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition), AMDA (automated metering and data acquisition) systems, substations and communications system rehabilitation and modernization.

The main scope of the project work includes:

LOT 1. Replacement of existing substations 500/220/110/35/10/6 kV circuit breakers, CT and VT, outdoor switchgear with new equipment.This project component is the first step to obtain the main subproject LOT 2.

LOT 2. Installation 520 km of a new optical ground wire (OPGW) and 17 km underground fibre optic cables on the NEGK eight substations and other facilities in the northern of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Installation of new SCADA system basic functions, upgrading the NEGK and other regional control centres, and connection these locations by installing new Fibre Optical telecommunication system/equipment.

Installation of a new wholesale commercial metering system (Automated Metering & Data Acquisition System) to measure billable units at border points between the NEGK and its customers. This new system will include installation of 2830 new meters at all interface points and a communications system to bring data back to a central metering system.

Currently, the project LOT2- SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition), optical ground wire (OPGW) and underground fiber optic cables and the AMDA (automated metering and data acquisition) systems supply, installation, testing and commisioning completed. The LOT 1 extended and additional scope of work replacing  of circuit breakers and instrument transformers with new equipment.on the existing 500/220/110/35/10/6 kV substations is going on. 

Please see the project related pictures below.