Fluorescent lighting fixtures, lamp, tubes and ballast retrofit/replacement services

The Aitur Group LTD offers the fluorescent lighting fixtures, lamps and ballasts retrofit /replacing services.
Our affordable services include replacing existing incandescent lamps or outdated technology fluorescent lamps/ tubes, light fixtures and ballasts with the high efficiency light fixture, fluorescent lamps/tubes and advance fluorescent electronic ballasts.  
We work with large LED (light emitted diodes) manufacturing companies and we can offer our customers cost-effective energy saving projects. The main idea of the project is replacing the existing lighting fixtures with new LED fixtures or lamps.
Advantages of the LED lights:
  • As per the manufacturing company specifications the life span is 2-3 times more than existing lamps, so you do not need to buy lamps for the next 10 years.
  • Energy saving is up to 65% depending on the existing lighting system.
  • The lighting efficiency per watt is higher than the existing T8, HPS and other lamps.
For example,
A fluorescent fixture T8, 4’ with 2 x 32 W lamps mounted in corridors or stairwells uses 561 kWh/year while the LED T8, 4’ 2 x18 W uses 315 kWh/year.  So, annual saving per fixture is 246 kWh or 44 %. Simply say a building with 200 corridor &stairwells fixtures can save 50,000 kWh /year.
Average pay back period is 1 year,11 months and it could be less depending on the customer’s current cost of energy/ BC Hydro rate and existing lighting system.
Aitur Group LTD retrofit cost- effective analysis is here Read more...
·         Also, LED lamps have high efficiency rates:
      T8 tube 32w is 2800 lm, that's mean 2800 lm / 32 watts = 87.5 lumen / watts.
LED T8 tube 18W is 1800 lm, that's mean 1800 lm/ 18 watts=100 lumen / watts.
·         100w HPS is 8000lum, that's mean 8000lum/100 watts =80 lumen / watts.
LED 28w CES-B22-28 is 2520 lm, that's mean 2520 lm/28 watts=90 lumen/watts.
Lumen is a measure of the total "amount" of visible light emitted by a source.However, to prepare cost effective solution it is highly recommended doing the sight survey, defining customers’ lighting needs/standards and requirements and etc.
We serve the Metro Vancouver, BC area including North, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Langley, Tri- Cities and more.
All houses, residential, apartment/commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, gas stations and etc. where fluorescent lighting. HPS lamps are mounted or where modification from incandescent to fluorescent lighting system is planned.
• Reduced energy consumption and costs.
• Better light efficiency.
• Longer lamp life 10 and more years for reduced maintenance and related costs.
• Energy saving up to 65 % and customer possible eligibility for rebate/financial incentives from the BC Hydro Smart Product Incentive Program.
Our certified electricians come to you, and clean up after themselves. Stress free services.
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