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Electrical Equipment Infrared Inspections, Thermal Image Load Survey, Testing and IR Scanning.

Aitur Group Ltd ‘s certified (Flir Leve1&2) electrical infrared testing, load thermal imaging, IR scanning team (Certified Thermographers and certified electricians) perfoms visual and Electrical Infrared Inspections, Thermography/ Thermal Image Survey, Testing and IR Scanning.

Locating, detecting, and finding radiant floor heating system, hot pipes, tubes, water leakage.

Aitur Group Ltd is an independent Flir Infrared Training Center (ITC) – Level 1& 2 certified company. Aitur Group Ltd certified infrared thermal imaging inspectors use latest infrared cameras for tesing, inspecting, detecting, finding or locating the radiant heating pipes or hot tubes in floor and to detect a leak in radiant floor heating system, faulty electric heating elements and water leakages..